Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dude Food: Salsa

I just read your comment and hope I am not to late for the party.

Americans often confuse pico de gallo with salsa. Those chopped chunky concoctions, while delicious are not a true salsa.

In Mexico you will get real salsa.

You need tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos (whole seeds and all)

For mild

One Onion
Three tomatoes
One JalapeƱo
Handful of cilantro

I however like it HOT and do two pepper for every tomato.

If your skillet is small roast in batches if you need salsa for a crowd.

Char the outside of all your vegetables. Brown to black puffy skin is ideal.

Add cilantro and salt and puree in food processor.

Dude, seriously it is that simple.

It costs little and you can make it for the fraction of what store or deli bought would cost.

If you like a brighter flavor squeeze in a lime.

You make this and you can be a hero at any party or gathering.

Chill the beer and cider and invite me over.


  1. Dude

    Caught me just in time. I was going to try to pass of some Costco I had in the house.

    This salsa rocks. I made it hot with a lot of cilantro. Thanks.

  2. One problem, I made the hot version and consumed the entire bowl with a bag of Trader Joe's chips and ended up skipping dinner.

    Dare I say it was MONEY!!!!!