Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dude Food: How to make a great Salad

Every dude needs to know how to make a great salad and by this I don't mean lettuce in a bowl with dressing from a bottle. I mean an actual salad that starts with whole vegetables. 

The Bulgarians know salad, they eat everything, but mostly vegetables and every meal begins with several salads and vegetables. Michael Pollan would approve.  This is a Bulgarian Shopska, it means chopped salad. 

Tomatoes, the first tomatoes of the summer are the cherry. Cut 25 (or more) in half. The easiest way to do this is to take two plastic lids, hold the tomatoes in place and using a sharp knife cut them all at once. 
1 medium red onion chopped, small but not tiny. 

 Juice of one lemon
2 Persian or one large cucumber cut into chunks. 

 Red, yellow, or Orange pepper, one large. Clean and cut into small cubes and add everything in a small bow. 

To the bowl add 1/2 lb of  feta cheese crumbled and a splash of good olive oil. 

Stir it all together, give a couple of shakes of salt and stir again. 

Let it rest, hang out, for up to an hour outside of the refrigerator and serve. It makes a great base for grilled shrimp or chicken and is light and refreshing. 

To really shake it up...once watermelon begin to appear in your area, chop up some melon to add. 

In the winter when the vegetables have less oomph, toss in some black olives. 

Dude....see how simple this is, you really can cook. 

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