Friday, May 24, 2013

Dude Food: Eat Your Vegetables

This Dude got busy, sorry for the delay in posts.

Asparagus: It is in season from early spring to early summer.

What did your mother tell you? Eat your vegetables. Mom was right. In addition to fiber our vegetables are loaded with good nutrition and the more we learn the more we find out how important they are. Asparagus specifically is a great source of A ( you thought it was only carrots?) and K.

Yes it makes one fluid smell and there are rumors of other impacts, but so what? Have some strawberries to counter it an get a dose of C in the process.

How beautiful is this?

Simply trim off any woody/thick ends after washing and then put in a bowl.

Add some olive oil and toss. See how easy this is...any dude can do it. Now a touch of salt.

Lay out on a baking sheet and put in a hot oven. Check after 8 minutes, you want it to get a little crackly and begin to brown at the tip. As soon as you see that...take it out.

Roast asparagus. It looks beautiful tossed on a plate, no need for a formal composition.

Serve it as a 1st course instead of salad, burgers and strawberry shortcake would make a great way to close the meal. I always eat my vegetables first when I have a burger, the side vegetable or side salad will end up ignored next to a meaty, juicy burger.

So dudes, eat your vegetables.

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  1. Karl's favorite sisterMay 26, 2013 at 10:59 AM

    This is the best way to cook asparagus! You can also toss it with strawberries, leftover chicken (or turkey), a little blue cheese, and a little lemon juice (or vinegar) and have a full meal. Yummy too.