Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dude Food: What oil should I use?

Today GMO's are on people's minds as all over the United States there are Marches against Monsanto. I have been on twitter inviting folks to the one at Union Square this afternoon.

One of your readers heard that Canola Oil was GMO and wrote worried because it is in so many recipes and he has been using it for years.

He's right. Canola is bad stuff if you want to avoid GMO's. Many oils are GMO.

So how can you tell?

Those seeking to avoid GMO's can download this app on your smart phone.

You have to join the campaigns you like so do that first or the app won't give you any information. Once you have decided what matters to you,take the app to the store and scan the barcode of the products. It's that easy.

Back to oil...there is no such thing as vegetable oil. Squeeze some broccoli and see for yourself. Vegetable oil is typically cottonseed, corn, soy, and canola blended.

Corn and Soy are the other two big culprits in the GMO sequence.

What oil can you use?

Sunflower, Grapeseed, Peanut and carefully chosen Extra Virgin Olive Oil. counterfeit-products-we-commonly-consume yea, much EVOO is fake.

It's  a tough world out there.

Make the choices that are right for you, and if avoiding GMO's is on your list use the linked app.

If you want to come to the NY March against Monsanto it is at Union Square 50 East 17th at 1 p.m. Come say hello, look for the little short guy with the blue back pack.

Tomorrow, we get to a great burger as requested.


  1. Dude, Best post ever. Guys who care about kids don't buy GMO. #MarchAgainstMonsanto, one in your city today wherever.

  2. #MarchAgainstMonsanto Great meeting you.

    Guy Fairy thinks he has Dude Food covered with his 'money' crap. Porn for healthy guys, we might watch but we won't eat.

    You have much more respect for men because you see us an intelligent beings. Rock on Dude.

    Most important post EVER!