Friday, May 3, 2013

Dude Food: Mother's Day


I need help. Our daughter is now 7 and wants me to help her make a Mother's day brunch. Neither my wife nor I were born in America. Saffron was born in America and she eats everything, including many things which to me sound disgusting. 

Typically in the morning we eat a little pita with cheese, or olives, sometimes cucumber and always strong coffee. It is very light. 

With co-workers I have had eggs and toast, but for me this is heavy and not so palatable in the morning. 

To make my daughter happy without making my wife gag is the dilemma. 


I got you covered. Explain to your daughter that Mother's day is all about her mother and it is important to make what Mom wants to eat, not what Saffron wants to serve. 

I feel your pain, to me pancakes and waffles are gag inducing, as is cereal. I am no fan of those heavy, gloppy, carby, American breakfasts. 

Here is your basic platter for three. 

Make a nice bed of chopped lettuce. Slice a large tomato and a block of feta cheese, alternate them and place olives at the side. 

If you have not introduced your daughter to the healthier breakfasts of other cultures this is a great time to do it. 

Serve this with a basket of whole wheat pita, warmed in olive oil (giving Saffron the opportunity to 'cook') and some boiled eggs. 

This is incredibly similar to the recipe I just posted for Shopska Salad and leftover Shopska is one of my favorite breakfasts. 

If your daughter is one of those who absolutely refuses to consider this, and you are indulgent, chop the cheese and tomatoes, lay in a small casserole and top with 3 eggs for a Frittata  and serve with the pita and olives. 

It doesn't sound as if you can make them both happy...I vote for Mom as it is Mother's Day!


  1. This was a very happy morning for my wife, daughter and myself. Thank you. The meal was perfect.

  2. Some dudes are vegetarian. Nice to see that for you dude food is not all meat.