Monday, June 24, 2013

Dude Food: Cooking in your underwear, Braised Rabbit

I recently began Dude Food classes.

They are for folks who have little to no skill and not much kitchen experience.

Wives and girlfriends often buy the classes for the men as a 'gift', they then select the menu they would want.

Being a southern boy, one of the menu choices is braised rabbit with mushrooms.

Saturday's class 4 men showed up, sent by wives and dressed for church. Clearly they had not dressed themselves. I suggested they hang the shirts and wear their t shirts and aprons and kick off the binding dress shoes.

Relieved they came to the kitchen ready for fun.

As a man I believe we SHOULD be able to cook in our underwear, especially breakfast. We can put on pants to sit down at the table with you, but keep it casual in the kitchen. It prevents staining of that nice shirt we got for our birthday.

You can buy Rabbit whole or cut up. I get mine whole from a good butcher, it is a lean inexpensive meat and I prefer it to chicken.

Once it is cut into pieces soak for one day in either Kefir or buttermilk.

Put your seasoning mix in a paper bag and shake the rabbit in the seasoning to distribute.

1/2 cup dry mustard
4 tablespoons Italian Seasoning
2 tablespoons black pepper
1 tablespoon onion powder
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon salt

Take the rabbit from the wet marinade and shake off, but don't dry it. Toss first in seasoning mix, and then in another bag with flour.

You are now ready to rock and roll.

No cast Iron pan for this once since we are braising. Best is a ceramic skillet.

Put about 1/4 cup sunflower oil in pan and get smoking hot.

Carefully place the rabbit in the skillet (do not crowd) and lower the heat. Keep an eye on it and let it get a nice brown color. Turn over browning on all sides.

1 bottle Hard Cider or beer

Open the bottle and add to the rabbit CAREFULLY so you don't totally get splattered. (see why we cook in underwear and not dress clothes)

Keep pan on low and cover for 30 minutes.


After 30 minutes add 1 lb of mushrooms (any kind) to your braising liquid. Check your liquid level, your sauce should be thickening but not totally reduced.

At 45 minutes remove the lid, if the sauce is thin turn the heat up for a couple of minutes to boil away excess liquid, it should be like a gravy that made itself.

This meal is so impressive, no one will know you made it in your underwear.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dude Food: Mom Tacos for Father's Day

I got this in my e mail the other day.


My husband recently lost his mother and I want to make him a special meal for Father's day (we have two little ones).

He said he wanted 'American tacos'. I am second generation from Mexico and so I asked him, like taco bell. No...not like taco bell.

He said they kind of have a sauce, but not like a big sauce.

I am lost.

I called his father who called them Mom tacos, the kind that all moms make.

Help me!!!!


I totally know what he is talking about. My mom made them too.

Crisp hard shell tacos with ground beef, pork, or turkey.

I add beans to mine to make them healthier, but if he does not want that smash the beans, cover with cheese and bake til bubbly.

1 lb of ground meat
3 fresh, ripe tomatoes
Large onion
Chopped garlic
1 ripe avocado
Cabbage or lettuce for shredding
Can of pinto beans or re-fried beans
Greek Yogurt or sour cream for topping
Yellow cheddar cheese for grating (not in my recipe, but offer it as a toss on.
Chili powder
Red pepper
Black pepper
Hot sauce

Brown your meat and onion together in a hot skillet. I used turkey for mine.

when the meat is done add a chopped tomato and a good tablespoon of garlic

Then the seasoning. Begin with a tablespoon of the Chili powder and a teaspoon of everything else. You can taste and adjust later. Once it is seasoned add in 1/2 cup water, the tomatoes and the water make the 'sauce' but keep cooking you want most of it to evaporate so they are not dry, but not wet.

At this point I add the beans. I like them in the taco mix (yes I know it looks unappealing like this.) Then taste and adjust your seasoning. I would invite him to taste at this point. He may not know the 'recipe' but he will know if it needs more hot pepper.

Prepare little containers of your add ons.

For mine, chopped tomato, avocado, shredded cabbage and greek yogurt. Most men will appreciate the addition of cheddar cheese.

Warm your shells (I suggest Trader Joe's organic as they are made with non GMO corn) and put your filling in a warm bowl letting everyone stuff and dress as they prefer.

This is a Mom taco.

It is great dude food for Father's Day.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dude Food: A restaurant Find

I am not going to start 'reviewing' restaurants, but I will share one with you.

367-A Broadway, Brooklyn New York, right off the M train.

Literally under the tracks of the Hughes or Hewes street stop. I can't remember how to spell it.

This was a FIND.

I got wheel locks for my bike from Amazon. I ended up with the wrong ones. I was able to track down the store and went to exchange them for the right ones since it was just over in Brooklyn.

I was having a nice chat with the store manager and asked if there was anything in the neighborhood I should check out.

He told me to go to this Mexican grocery store, tiny but interesting with great food.

I go in, beautiful avocados, some dried peppers peppers, I move back and hidden way in the back behind all of the clutter are 4 tables and a counter.

The food was super cheap, the kitchen clean and run by a tiny Mexican woman. What could I do but order.

I had a salted tongue taco and this delicious soapa. Fortunately Monsanto has yet to destroy white grain corn for me so I was able to enjoy this hand rolled thick tortilla with relish.

You add salt, hot sauce, green sauce and I guarantee this creamy bean soapa will make you very happy.

As I was slowly enjoying every single bite I noticed a rapid take out business, mostly Mexicans but a few white dudes, but no women.

This is a dude food retreat. I think women tend to look for things like  permits and health department grades etc.

I am sure they had them (not) but none were on display.

This food was so good I will actually on purpose take the 3 train to the M and head to Brooklyn again. Dudes, it is better than the 96th Street taco truck.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dude Food: Salsa

I just read your comment and hope I am not to late for the party.

Americans often confuse pico de gallo with salsa. Those chopped chunky concoctions, while delicious are not a true salsa.

In Mexico you will get real salsa.

You need tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos (whole seeds and all)

For mild

One Onion
Three tomatoes
One JalapeƱo
Handful of cilantro

I however like it HOT and do two pepper for every tomato.

If your skillet is small roast in batches if you need salsa for a crowd.

Char the outside of all your vegetables. Brown to black puffy skin is ideal.

Add cilantro and salt and puree in food processor.

Dude, seriously it is that simple.

It costs little and you can make it for the fraction of what store or deli bought would cost.

If you like a brighter flavor squeeze in a lime.

You make this and you can be a hero at any party or gathering.

Chill the beer and cider and invite me over.