Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dude Food: A restaurant Find

I am not going to start 'reviewing' restaurants, but I will share one with you.

367-A Broadway, Brooklyn New York, right off the M train.

Literally under the tracks of the Hughes or Hewes street stop. I can't remember how to spell it.

This was a FIND.

I got wheel locks for my bike from Amazon. I ended up with the wrong ones. I was able to track down the store and went to exchange them for the right ones since it was just over in Brooklyn.

I was having a nice chat with the store manager and asked if there was anything in the neighborhood I should check out.

He told me to go to this Mexican grocery store, tiny but interesting with great food.

I go in, beautiful avocados, some dried peppers peppers, I move back and hidden way in the back behind all of the clutter are 4 tables and a counter.

The food was super cheap, the kitchen clean and run by a tiny Mexican woman. What could I do but order.

I had a salted tongue taco and this delicious soapa. Fortunately Monsanto has yet to destroy white grain corn for me so I was able to enjoy this hand rolled thick tortilla with relish.

You add salt, hot sauce, green sauce and I guarantee this creamy bean soapa will make you very happy.

As I was slowly enjoying every single bite I noticed a rapid take out business, mostly Mexicans but a few white dudes, but no women.

This is a dude food retreat. I think women tend to look for things like  permits and health department grades etc.

I am sure they had them (not) but none were on display.

This food was so good I will actually on purpose take the 3 train to the M and head to Brooklyn again. Dudes, it is better than the 96th Street taco truck.

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