Monday, April 29, 2013

Dude Food: No more jarred tomato sauce

Never call it spaghetti sauce, it makes you look ignorant.

Any sauce you put on spaghetti is spaghetti sauce and tomato sauce can be put on penne, lasagne or any pasta really.

Also never say Marinara, it is used to describe either a seafood or fisherman's sauce in Italy. Just go with tomato sauce. It is what it is.

Count me as one of those Americans who love tomato sauce on pasta.

This sauce is truly American as it contains the most important American ingredient ever.


You get out (and clean) your scissors and cut your bacon slices into thin strips. 

For two nice servings begin with 6 slices of bacon. 

Saute until just barely crisp and remove from the pan. 

SAVE THE FAT. Fat is flavor.

Take 6 cloves of garlic and chop them and add them to the bacon fat. 

When the garlic smell begins to really hit you add in the two large chopped Roma tomatoes. 

Do NOT seed or peel the tomatoes. The seeds and peel contain fiber and if you want a glorious morning you need the fiber, they take nothing away from the taste or texture. 

Let them sizzle a bit and when they start to break down add one cup of white wine. Yes, white. You can use red if it is all you have but white will highlight and add to the fruitiness of the tomatoes. 

No matter what you saw your mother do, no matter what you read elsewhere NEVER add sugar to tomato sauce, simply choose good tomatoes. 

The problem with the jarred and canned sauces is sugar or worse, high fructose corn syrup. This recipe can be prepared so quickly that when the water has boiled and the pasta is done the sauce will be ready. 

Now, keep the wine out you may need a splash as time goes on. 

Bring the tomatoes and wine to a boil then turn to a simmer, when the tomatoes are soft get out your potato masher or a large fork. 

Mash the tomatoes, leave them a little bit chunky but mash some of that goodness into the sauce. 

Keep at a simmer while you cook your pasta, I chose spaghetti, but penne is great for this sauce. Make SURE you salt the water well. 

Now add a touch of salt to your sauce and a good bit of crushed red pepper. That really is all the seasoning you will need, taste it...see?

Cook pasta to a hard al dente, you are going to drain it while it is still a touch tough, and then finish cooking in the sauce. 

You still want al dente but bring the sauce back up and after a minute or two taste a strand to see if the texture is correct.

By finishing the pasta in the sauce you impart more flavor to the pasta. Reserve a little cooking water or add a splash of wine if the sauce gets to tight before the pasta has finished. 

Now toss the bacon back in and stir well.

You are ready to serve. 

Since this is an American sauce use cheese. A classic Amatriciana would not use cheese, but who cares, use the cheese.  We are not being classic. 

Serve this to your significant other, with a big salad first. 

Watch the smile...and since you have both eaten garlic, you might as well kiss each other. 

Seriously Dude,

Is this not more impressive than that nasty Ragu with ground beef? 

Cook to impress.

Any dude can. 

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  1. I am a Prego guy. I am now a convert. Saw this guy on Huffpo and his version takes an hour, this was fast.